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Life at WRI Indonesia

  • Indonesian Young Thought Leaders on Environment Camp

    Tthe Indonesian Young Thought Leaders on Environment is a mentorship program aimed to transform young individuals with knowledge, expertise and passions into agents of change in protecting the environment and improving lives.


  • Forest 101 sharing with Hutan itu Indonesia

    Hidayah Hamzah and Clorinda Wibowo of WRI Indonesia delivered a forest 101 to Hutan itu Indonesia, an open movement consisting of individuals and organizations seeking to protect forests and preserve Indonesia. In the presentation, both Hidayah and Clorinda shared a wide array of topics about forests, starting from definition to the status of Indonesia forests.


  • Visit from Lanjut Sekolah

    That afternoon at WRI Indonesia, the office was suddenly packed with junior and senior high school students, visiting from various parts of Indonesia: Papua, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara and Sumatera. They were chatting with their local accents and seemed curious about what they were about to learn. The visit was part of a movement called Lanjut Sekolah that aims to support bright students from remote areas to have access to the better education system.


  • Lecture from Prof. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto

    In an afternoon at WRI Indonesia, WRI Indonesia staff got a chance to spend a brief yet insightful lunch time with one of our board members, Prof Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. Prof Mangkusubroto, or Pak Kun as people call him, is a respected figure who dedicated his years of life for the country.


  • Study Visit from University of Indonesia’s Students

    In November 2016, WRI Indonesia received a group of students from the University of Indonesia as part of the university’s Ecoproject program. During the one-month program at WRI Indonesia, the International Relations students learned about environmental issues in Indonesia, starting from sustainable land use, forest and landscape restoration, illegal logging to renewable energy.


  • Office Warming

    In 2014, WRI Indonesia was legally established in Indonesia under the name of Yayasan Institut Sumber Daya Dunia. Today, more than 30 individuals at the institute work on four areas that present opportunities for sustainable growth in Indonesia: forest, energy, climate, and cities. Enhanced commitment from political leaders and staff on sustainable development in Indonesia has fueled the spirit and growth of WRI Indonesia, making a move to the new office necessary at its third year.


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