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Indonesia’s National Energy Policy targets to quadruple renewable energy in the national primary energy mix by 2025 (23 percent) and increase the electrification ratio to almost 100 percent by 2020 with emphasis on not sacrificing economic growth. The rationale lies on the fact that Indonesia has huge geothermal, solar, ocean and hydropower potentials, but very little of this had been developed. While interests to expand renewable energy projects in Indonesia have been coming from various stakeholders, the information on where government programs, investments and public finances are best targeted is not yet available.

In this light, WRI Indonesia seeks to develop a tool that would allow access to various data and analysis relevant to renewable energy development, the foundational work that could enable more rigorous investment and political will in the sector. WRI Indonesia aims to open access for more than 20 million Indonesians to affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity. Particularly, we seek to accelerate the development of renewable energy in Indonesia through innovative financing, technological innovation, as well as better governance and partnership.

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