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WRI Indonesia Memaparkan Kuliah Mengenai Energi Berkelanjutan

Almo Pradana, WRI Indonesia Energy and Climate Manager, delivered a lecture to a handful of policy makers from Southeast Asia in Myanmar. The lecture was part of a program called '(Em)powering Tanintharyi: How To Create Environmentally Sustainable Development' organized by Myanmar School of Politics.

Participants include leadership-level politicians serving at the highest level of government, such as ministers, members of parliament, and members of political party central executive committees.

Almo made the case for a diversified energy mix to support electrification and environmental conservation. His lecture aimed to inform these local leaders in designing Myanmar’s future energy and electrification plan.

Here’s a note from Almo following his special lecture:

"I'll go" that's what I said when the offer came to deliver 2 day-lecture to 30 politicians in Myanmar on energy and sustainability.

When the country was finally open for business, these local leaders need to decide among lucrative offers to extract and produce their various energy resources and commodities.

I help them make that decision starting from the basic. I presented greener pathways and strategy to introduce environmental safeguards. I was amazed by their learning appetite as they were ready at 7.30 AM sharp with pen in hand, and won't stop throwing questions at me until way past 5PM - they also love my longyi/sarong.

At the end of my 2 day-training, I was deeply honored to see their confidence in presenting the case of a diversified energy mix with all the pros and cons. I think they finally got it. To me this is game-changing, it's eye-opening, it's #lifeatwri.



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