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  • Despite current targets and commitments to combat climate change, global temperatures look set to increase by 2.4°C by 2100 — way above the Paris Agreement target. Climate action has never been more urgent, and in light of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sustainable, inclusive and resilient recovery is also essential. Natural forests have an important part to play as, when conserved, they contribute significantly to carbon removal, and The G20 has a strategic role in conserving forests.

  • Collecting field data on trees has various challenges, such as being time-consuming and requiring a lot of effort. In addition, the GPS signal on the device used can also experience interference if the weather conditions are bad, so it can reduce the accuracy of tree locations. The deep learning method as a method that relies on artificial intelligence, can help the process of collecting data for tree inventory, tree maintenance management, and preventing land fires in urban areas.

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