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Blog Posts: coronavirus

  • 5 Pillars for a Green and Resilient Recovery from COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis is likely to push tens of millions of people into poverty -- and this is only a preview of how the climate crisis will threaten human well-being. Yet we have all the means needed to take a better, safer path.


  • 4 Investments to Secure Ocean Health and Wealth

    New analysis commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy shows that every $1 invested in sustainable ocean solutions yields at least $5 in return. A sustainable ocean economy can help the world build back better in the wake of COVID-19, improve ocean health and benefit the more than 3 billion people who rely on the ocean.


  • 8 Ways to Rebuild a Stronger Ocean Economy After COVID-19

    Like many sectors, COVID-19 has disrupted the "blue economy." Though left out of many recovery conversations, there is abundant potential to build back a stronger, more resilient ocean economy that will benefit the millions of people who rely on it.


  • The Ocean Genome Helps Fight Disease: Here's How We Save It

    Marine organisms and their genes are rich sources of antiviral compounds. But the ocean genome is at risk, and only some have access to its benefits.


  • Déjà vu: Anticipating the Impacts of Economic Crisis on Indonesia’s Forests

    With Indonesia’s government and citizens facing the twin public health and economic crises precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic, it would be understandable if few people are thinking about the country’s forests. But even now, short-term policy actions and omissions can have immediate and lasting implications for forests. Here are four suggestions for Indonesia as it navigates through the current storm.


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