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Blog Posts: Papua

  • WRI Indonesia Development Strategy in Papua

    Papua with an area of more than 40 million hectares is the last frontier for Indonesia's tropical forests, with very high biodiversity and mineral resources. With its natural wealth, Papua becomes a spotlight to investors, tropical forest observers, researchers, national institutions, and international institutions. Papua cannot be separated from political and human rights issues since it was returned by the Dutch in 1963. Often, these two issues are very dominant in shaping the information in the media about Papua. In working in and for Papua, there are a number of important points that WRI Indonesia has built.


  • Participatory Mapping, the Key for an Inclusive Development at the Local Level

    To make sure the goals are achieved, development programs should be based on the real situation on the ground, which include the physical, social, economy, and culture condition of local community. A participatory mapping method is a way for local community to take part and use their knowledge for the development planning of their home.


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