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Blog Posts: air quality

  • Red Alert: 3 Strategies for Reducing Toxic Ozone Pollution

    Ozone occurs naturally in the stratosphere which protects people and the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays. Increased levels of ozone formed when pollutants from various sources react with each other and various respiratory problems. Reducing pollution is a complex governance challenge. However, these three approaches can help, namely (1) Better Monitoring of Ozone Levels, (2) Coordinated Strategy, Cross Borders, and (3) Engagement with Civil Society and Citizen Action.


  • Fires Spread Across Indonesia as Parliament Approves Haze Treaty

    Indonesia's parliament recently approved an agreement to reduce haze pollution from land and forest fires.

    Ratification of the law—originally signed 12 years ago—comes not a moment too soon: Fires are currently flaring across southern Sumatra and West and Central Kalimantan, jeopardizing Indonesia’s forests and the communities and wildlife that call these regions home.


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