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  • Jokowi Must Attend COP24

    Given that the 2015 Paris climate summit is the only COP President Jokowi has attended so far, with all due respect, the President must attend COP24 to reiterate the importance of collaboration in facing climate change as a ‘collective enemy’.


  • 3 Issues to Watch at the COP24 Climate Summit

    Next month’s UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland (COP24) is seen by many as the most important climate negotiation since 2015, when 196 countries adopted the landmark Paris Agreement. COP24 is the critical moment for countries to establish rules for turning the Agreement's vision into reality.


  • Despite Some Major Bumps, Bonn Climate Summit Got the Job Done

    Encouraging news on the sidelines of the negotiations added helpful momentum. New WRI research found that 49 countries have already peaked their emissions.


  • 23 Terms to Know at COP23

    International climate change negotiations can be hard to follow. Scientific language like "radiative forcing" and "sulfur dioxide" sit alongside acronyms like UNFCCC, SDG and CMA. Learn more those terms in this blog.


  • INSIDER: Negotiating Paris Agreement’s Implementation Guidelines at COP23

    A top priority for the Fiji Presidency at COP23 is preparing the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement. These guidelines help put the Paris Agreement into practice and establish how each government will implement its requirements.


  • Turning Point: Which Countries’ GHG Emissions Have Peaked? Which Will in the Future?

    One ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement is for countries to peak emissions -- reach the point when global heat-trapping emissions switch from increasing to decreasing -- as soon as possible. A new WRI paper shows that 57 countries, representing 60 percent of all global emissions, are likely to peak emissions by 2030.


  • 4 Signs to Watch at COP23

    Two years after the Paris Agreement on climate change, representatives from around the globe will convene in Bonn, Germany, on November 6 for the next round of United Nations talks. Here are four signs to watch at these pivotal negotiations.


  • Forests and REDD+ in COP17 Durban

    With all its complex processes and acronyms, it’s easy to forget that the international climate change negotiations are supposed to lead to changes on the ground. There have been several developments this year, however, which should remind us of the urgency of the task and the importance of getting each piece of the puzzle right, including incentives for developing countries to reduce their emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).


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