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  • 5 Ways to Help Reduce Seafood Waste and Loss

    Seafood is essential to food and nutritional security, providing over three billion people with nearly 20% of their animal protein. Meanwhile, around one-third of seafood is either lost or wasted. Here are five ways to accelerate loss reduction, improve the efficiency of nutrition recovery, and maximize the value of seafood.


  • 3 Ways How Fisheries are Essential for a Resilient Food System during Pandemic and Beyond

    The pandemic has forced us to rethink and find alternatives to make our food system more resilient. In December 2020, a report released by the High Level Panel for Sustainable Ocean Economy highlight the potential role of the sea in overcoming food insecurity and malnutrition and transforming our food system to become more resilient towards shocks and climate change. There are three ways how food from the sea can contribute to Indonesia’s food security.


  • 4 Investments to Secure Ocean Health and Wealth

    New analysis commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy shows that every $1 invested in sustainable ocean solutions yields at least $5 in return. A sustainable ocean economy can help the world build back better in the wake of COVID-19, improve ocean health and benefit the more than 3 billion people who rely on the ocean.


  • 4 Ways to Build a More Resilient Marine Industry in Indonesia After the Coronavirus Pandemic

    The implementation of Large Scale Social Distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus has affected seafood production, distribution, and marine tourism in Indonesia. This shows us that marine and fisheries industry is still vulnerable. There are at least four ways to build a more resilient marine and fisheries industry after this pandemic.


  • 8 Ways to Rebuild a Stronger Ocean Economy After COVID-19

    Like many sectors, COVID-19 has disrupted the "blue economy." Though left out of many recovery conversations, there is abundant potential to build back a stronger, more resilient ocean economy that will benefit the millions of people who rely on it.


  • Why Fish? Reasons, Challenges and Measures to Increase Fish Consumption in Indonesia

    In Indonesia overall, fish consumption shows the increasing trend year by year, although not very high. In fact, fish consumption in Indonesia was low compared to other countries in Asia Pacific region.


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