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  • How Can We Make Food Waste Socially Unacceptable?

    The multi-dimensional problem of food waste begins with our seemingly trivial everyday decisions. That's why behavioral science interventions can help us reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfills as well as the emissions it causes. World Resources Institute (WRI) research found that building a social resistance to food waste through the right types of messages can increase the significance of this issue in consumers' daily lives.


  • 5 Ways to Help Reduce Seafood Waste and Loss

    Seafood is essential to food and nutritional security, providing over three billion people with nearly 20% of their animal protein. Meanwhile, around one-third of seafood is either lost or wasted. Here are five ways to accelerate loss reduction, improve the efficiency of nutrition recovery, and maximize the value of seafood.


  • How to Build a Circular Economy

    The take-make-waste model is driving the climate crisis and depleting the planet of much-needed resources. Here are 3 ways to transition toward circularity.


  • We’ve Woken Up to Plastic Waste. Is Food Waste Next?

    Achieving a 50 percent reduction in food waste is an enormously ambitious target, but one by 2030. The fact that no country has yet managed to come close to this level of reduction tells me we need a revolution in how people think about food. Namely, if it ends up uneaten, it is waste – and it has very real and very harmful results for people and the planet.


  • 3 Steps for Tackling Food Loss and Waste

    Food loss and waste costs the world about $940 billion a year. But if countries and companies set reduction goals, accurately measured their waste, and took action, we could significantly cut these losses.


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