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Blog Posts: gender

  • Women and 3D Mock-Up

    How is the position of women in Kenegerian Gajah Bertalut today? Is the establishment of a political power based on a nation state (kingdom/republic) that places men in a privileged position, affecting women's access in the public spaces? Read more in this article.


  • In Riau, Indonesia, Women Organize for Environmental Justice

    Knowledge is power for the women of Sungai Berbari, Indonesia. With forest data from the Global Forest Watch platform and advocacy training from Women Research Institute, they are influencing where and how nearby agricultural companies operate.


  • Solving the Fresh Water Crisis

    Cities and women can be key players in managing future water demand, including reducing risks from the fastest-growing water users--energy and industrial activities.


  • If You Care About the Environment, You Should Care About Gender

    Mounting evidence shows that advancements in gender equality could have a profoundly positive impact on environmental well-being.In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, Natalie Elwell and Yasmine Williams explore the connection.


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