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Blog Posts: international climate policy

  • COP22 Jargon Cheat Sheet

    Here’s a COP22 jargon cheat sheet that explains the buzzwords to watch and their implications for curbing climate change.


  • When Could the Paris Agreement Take Effect? Interactive Map Sheds Light

    Today, WRI unveiled the Paris Agreement Tracker. The interactive tool enables people to monitor countries’ progress toward ratifying the Paris Agreement, and allows users to create, share and embed their own combinations for bringing it into force.

    Try it out for yourself.


  • Forests and REDD+ in COP17 Durban

    With all its complex processes and acronyms, it’s easy to forget that the international climate change negotiations are supposed to lead to changes on the ground. There have been several developments this year, however, which should remind us of the urgency of the task and the importance of getting each piece of the puzzle right, including incentives for developing countries to reduce their emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).


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