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Discussion “Formulating Indonesia’s Perspectives on Climate Change Agreement 2015 and Positioning Indonesia’s INDC on Global Stage”


Since 2011, countries have been meeting regularly to negotiate a new international Climate Agreement that will be adapted at the 21st Conference of the Parties in December 2015. The agreement is aimed to encourage bigger international cooperation to implement programs that could accelerate a fair transition to low-carbon economy with resilience to climate change. Known as the biggest islands country, Indonesia is very prone to climate change impacts that occur really fast. Through the agreement, Indonesia will have the chance to seek sustainable development efforts effectively, both on mitigation and adaptation actions. The agreement would also enable Indonesia to address challenges in finance, technology, and capacity building through various international supports.

Two years ago, facilitated by the World Resources Institute, an independent consortium consists of a group of climate experts around the world, The Agreement for Climate Transformation 2015 (ACT 2015), was formed to examine and prepare a recommendation of legal text for the Climate Agreement that could lead to the realization of COP’s objectives in a fair and effective way. Through a series of discussion that were held in many countries, both developed and developing countries, the ACT 2015 has been developing ideas can be driven in COP 21. The result of this work, it is hoped, will provide a valuable input for consideration by stakeholders to achieve the agreement in the end of 2015.

A major element in the agreement is counties’ contributions to reduce carbon emission, or the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC). During its development and implementation, inclusivity and accountability become important factors that will determine fairness, and full support from stakeholders and positive impacts from the process. Those are very likely to be embodied through the sustainable practice of transparency and stakeholders’ involvement.

The discussion is aimed to convene stakeholders to give national perspective in addition to the legal text recommendation for the Climate Agreement. The discussion will also provide a chance to explore available potentials to increase inclusivity and accountability to actualize impactful and fair INDC.

This event is organized together with Directorate General of Climate Change Management and Office of President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Management.

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