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Oslo Tropical Forest Forum (OTFF): “Innovative Solutions for Scaling Up REDD+ in Tropical Peatland Landscapes”

Global peatlands, and tropical peatlands, in particular, are a major source of GHG emissions and therefore falls within the domain of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, Plus Conservation (REDD +) program. Indonesia not only has the largest area of tropical peatlands but also the area of ​degraded and burned peatlands, which is very critical in Indonesia the need for ecosystem restoration and protection.

The Oslo Tropical Forest Forum, aimed at celebrating the results and identifying the remaining challenges ten years after REDD+ was included in climate change negotiations, and to advance a strategy to mobilize forests to help us achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Objectives.

In this event, the panellists are:

  • Ann J. Glauber (Lead Environmental Specialist, World Bank Indonesia)
  • Dharsono Hartono (CEO, Katingan Ecosystem Restoration)
  • Timothy Jessup (Forest and Climate Specialist, GGGI)
  • T. Nirarta 'Koni' Samadhi (Director, WRI Indonesia)

The panellists will discuss with the audience on some innovative solutions to the challenge of peatland restoration and in particular to increase REDD+ efforts throughout the landscape. How has so far been the progress of peatland restoration in Indonesia? What Indonesia has learned through this effort is a valuable lesson for the global REDD+ community.

The discussion covers a wide range of topics, starting with the concept of an integrated landscape, an approach to ecosystem restoration, protection and economic revitalization in and around peatlands,


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