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Workshop on Preparation of Road Map for a New Food and Land Use Economy For Indonesia

The Food and Land Use Coalition is preparing a "Road Map for a New Food and Land Use Economy For Indonesia." This Road Map is made up of a number of key elements, or action of the agenda. The action agenda is expected to enable Indonesia to move forward, within the next 3 to 5 years, a path more aligned with long-term national development commitments, including a commitment to the sustainable development agenda and for addressing climate change. For that purpose, on May 30th, a workshop was held to gather ideas and input from experts and practitioners from all public and private sectors on this roadmap.



The workshop focused on two pillars of the roadmap, the pillars of food security and the pillars of protection and restoration of Indonesia's natural heritage. These two pillars contain a number of areas of action covering the following areas: (i) increasing agricultural productivity; (ii) food loss and waste; (iii) healthy and sustainable food patterns and intake; (iv) conservation and restoration of critical ecosystems.

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