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Life at WRI Indonesia

  • Crafting Inspirational Stories through #CeritaKita

    Exploring creativity in finding new ideas is quite challenging for the communications team in the midst of a pandemic situation like today, especially to explore ideas and creativity for WRI Indonesia's digital content. #CeritaKita was developed to share experiences, actions, and perspectives on the relationship between humans and nature to inspire more people to feel close, care for, and build a better earth.


  • Steps to Continue Our Real Actions on the Field During a Pandemic

    COVID-19 has changed our daily life, including how we work at WRI Indonesia. With all the limitations to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have to change offline events into online meetings. Before the pandemic, WRI Riau office assists community in more than 10 villages, including smallholder farmers and indigenous community who lives around the forest. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, we need to adjust our way of work to make sure our assistance continue.


  • Love in the Time of Corona: Building Our Nature Better through Actions

    At WRI, where advancing sustainable development is our purpose, love isn’t often expressed orally or in writing, but everyone showed it in action. Our hearts are dedicated to serving Indonesia in its war against the climate crisis - despite knowing we may fail. Because it is still better to have loved the Earth and lost this war, than to never love it at all.


  • Participatory Mapping, the Key for an Inclusive Development at the Local Level

    To make sure the goals are achieved, development programs should be based on the real situation on the ground, which include the physical, social, economy, and culture condition of local community. A participatory mapping method is a way for local community to take part and use their knowledge for the development planning of their home.


  • Fires, Farmers and Climate Crisis

    We cannot deny that forest fires are still happening today. However, we should also see responsible farmers who care about the environment. This article written by Thontowi Suhada will focus on these farmers in two regencies in Riau who are trying to be more responsible.


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