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  • Gajah Bertalut as Forest and Village

    Follow the story of Dwiki Ridhwan, Wahana Riset Indonesia researcher, doing field work in a remote village in a forest area called Gajah Bertalut (GB). Usually he is in the village almost a week every month. Sometimes, he also went into the forest.


  • Impromptu Visit to the Village

    Finding initial information with a short amount of time becomes a challenge for researchers in the field, and more challenging is how to find a fun way to get information and data so that research does not seem monotonous and boring. Follow the experience of Hendrika Tiarma Wulandari Samosir who had the opportunity to visit Tandun Village, Rokan Hulu District, Riau to conduct preliminary assessment related to land governance in this region.


  • Extraction Culture in Mangun Jaya Village, South Sumatra.

    The habits of people in Mangun Jaya, Banyuasin, South Sumatra is still dominated by a culture of extraction that takes natural resources directly without processing it first. Yet, the management of oil resources offers huge and rapid profits that encourage people to engage in high-risk areas. Find out more from Hendrika Samosir's story about people's lives in Mangun Jaya.


  • Women and 3D Mock-Up

    How is the position of women in Kenegerian Gajah Bertalut today? Is the establishment of a political power based on a nation state (kingdom/republic) that places men in a privileged position, affecting women's access in the public spaces? Read more in this article.


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