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Indonesian Peat Prize Launch


The Indonesian Peat Prize is an ambitious, collaborative prize to find a new, more accurate, faster way of mapping extent and thickness of our peatlands so we can manage them for the benefit of all. We’re bringing the ingenuity, collaboration, and imagination of all of Indonesia—and the entire world—together on one of the great challenges of our age.


The Indonesian Peat Prize launched in Jakarta as part of the Indonesian Climate Festival. The Head of BIG, Priyadi Kardono, representing the Host of the Prize and the Director of World Resources Institute Indonesia, Tjokorda Nirarta Samadhi, representing the Prize administrator, attended the event.



Following COP21 in Paris, countries around the world, including Indonesia, have signed onto the new international climate agreement to reduce emissions, known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). One of the efforts made by the Indonesian government for translating the INDC pledge into real actions and for keeping the momentum going was the implementation of the Indonesian Climate Festival organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in February. As part of the festival, the Information Geospatial Agency (BIG) launched the Indonesian Peat Prize on February 2, 2016, coinciding with the World Wetlands Day.

A series of events were organized to launch the prize. The technical briefing was first held to provide an overview of the importance of peatland management as well as the mechanism and the procedures of the competition. Presentations were delivered by the Head of BIG Dr. Priyadi Kardono, the Deputy of Thematic Geospatial Information Division of BIG Dr. Nurwadjedi, and the Co-Chair of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Prof. Dr. Supiandi Sabiham.

The briefing brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including BIG, Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, non-governmental organizations (NGO), civil society organization (CSO), funding organizations, international organizations, embassies, academia and research institutes, private industry and media.

During the launch, the Head of BIG Dr. Priyadi Kardono addressed the importance of having a more accurate, affordable and timely methods to map the peatland as one of the efforts to meet Indonesia’s ambitious emission reduction target. As such, a successful prize is expected to lead to the identification of a transparent, credible and location-agnostic methodology for mapping Indonesian peatland’s extent and thickness. The prize participants will also contribute to the establishment of a better national standard for mapping peatlands in Indonesia.

Also attending the launch was Indonesia’s Environment and Forestry Minister Dr. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, in which she delivered a statement focusing on the importance of peatland mapping to establish sustainable peatland management. She further emphasized that the outcome of the Indonesian Peat Prize will help resolve methodological uncertainty in peatland mapping and that the prize is expected to lead to a proper mapping method not only for peatland but also for other ecosystems.

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