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Request for Proposal: Video Animation Production for Pantau Gambut An Independent Community-Based Peatland Monitoring Initiative


WRI intends to award a USD7,500 – fixed price plus reimbursable type contract for video animation production services to develop video animation features for Pantau Gambut, a virtual campaign platform. WRI expects the work to commence starting from November 2020 to January 2021. The chosen vendor will submit deliverables for approval to and work closely with the WRI Indonesia team. The contract will be signed by WRI Indonesia and will be paid from WRI Indonesia accounts, following Indonesia regulations.

About WRI Indonesia

WRI Indonesia is a national entity (Yayasan) associated with the World Resources Institute (WRI), a global environmental research organization that turns big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. WRI work with various stakeholders in the natural resources sector to support policy and management that are both profitable and sustainable. WRI has worked with leaders in more than 50 countries for more than 30 years, with offices in the United States, Brazil, China, Europe, India, and Indonesia.

Launched in early 2014, WRI Indonesia builds on WRI’s 10-year history in the country focusing on forests and land use governance and strengthening our impact on the ground. In the short-to medium-term, WRI Indonesia aims to expand its presence and portfolio to include climate, energy, as well as cities, transportation, and peatland restoration programs.

About Pantau Gambut project

Indonesia has the largest peatland area in Southeast Asia and become one of the biggest homes for tropical peatland in the world. Peatlands provide many important ecosystem services, including water regulation, biodiversity conservation, and carbon sequestration and storage. However, during dry seasons, peatlands are very vulnerable to widespread fires, since peatlands provide either aboveground fuel biomass on the surface or belowground fuel biomass on the sub-surface. Therefore, peatland fire will be a huge source of greenhouse gasses emissions. According to the Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia emitted approximately 800 million-1,1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2eq) emissions due to huge forests and land fires in 2015. These fires are largely caused by extensive peat soil drainage and excessive peat conversion to other land uses.

Realizing that the effort to restore peatland is a massive undertaking and involving multiple stakeholders, WRI Indonesia seeks to develop mechanism and platform to independently monitor commitments relevant to peatland restoration. The activities would include media and outreach campaigns to increase public awareness and exert public push to government and private sector on peatland restoration targets; Enable publicly accessible platform to enable public participation in monitoring and reporting progress toward the peatland restoration target; and to develop strategic partnerships with private sector, government agencies, and civil society watchdog groups to support the monitoring of peatland restoration efforts.

These monitoring efforts is the backbone of Pantau Gambut initiative, which now is entering its 4th year of implementation. Various virtual engagement tools have been developed such as the website (, social media accounts, and microsites.


WRI Indonesia is looking for a Video Animation Production House to provide the services for the following scope of work

Scope of Work

  1. Collaborate with Pantau Gambut team to brainstorm and develop the storyboard for five animation episodes

  2. Develop five animation episodes (approximately 60 to 90-second-long for each episode)

  3. Create and edit necessary illustration, graphics, and animation. This includes ensuring the formatting, consistency, and quality of the video animations

  4. Provide sound editing and mixing, Indonesian voice-over, and music with free copyright of the highest quality to complete the animation videos

  5. Provide Indonesian and English subtitles for each video


  1. Draft storyboard and scripts for the video animation to Pantau Gambut for review and approval.

  2. Final storyboard and script after integrating Pantau Gambut input.

  3. Five draft of animations presented to Pantau Gambut for review and comments.

  4. The complete video animations include 5 episodes of 60 to 90-second-long video

  5. The final production quality of the video shall be approved by Pantau Gambut before multiple productions.


The contractor is expected to provide the services described under “Scope of Work” from November 2020 to January 2021.


The budget for this service is capped at USD7,500, -



  1. A minimum of 3 years of proven experience in video production

  2. Experience, portfolio and previous past projects on environmental issue is plus point.

  3. Having social oriented portfolio and brand

  4. The contractor is a legal entity in Indonesia

  5. Possess knowledge of video animation production techniques and standards

  6. Possess skill in visualizing concepts effectively

  7. Have extensive experience in producing short video animation (portfolio and samples of work are a must)

  8. Able to produce high quality video on tight deadlines

  9. Capable to provide excellent technical expertise to ensure high quality production

  10. Professional sound recording for voice over

  11. Provide HD web files and HD DVD as final products

  12. Ability to work with clients to understand detailed requirements that meet client needs and vision

  13. Ability to clearly and effectively communicate the production processes, ideas, and solutions to teams and clients

  14. Can be based anywhere in Indonesia, preferably in Jakarta

Proposal content

Prospective vendors should submit:

  • Company Profile (including sustainability efforts);

  • A statement of interest describing the proposed team and how it meets the above requirements;

  • CVs of team members;

  • Examples of and references for similar previous work (your Video, Photo, or Illustration Portfolio);

  • An outline of the proposed methodology and workplan;

  • A proposed budget with a breakdown of payment schedule associating amounts with work milestones.

  • If a reimbursable type of contract is envisioned, a summary of accounting system which will support claims.

  • Statement of corporate legal compliance, please download the statement here.

Expression of Interest, Deadline for Questions, and Proposal

All expressions of interest and questions about this RFP must be received via email to the contact below by 17 October 2020, 23:00 (GMT+7). Answers to the questions will be shared will all parties who have asked questions or otherwise expressed interest.

WRI Contact Name: Iola Abas

Title: Media Research and Campaign Lead Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring Platform

Email addresses: &

All proposals must be sent by 31 October 2020, 23:59 WIB (GMT+7). in electronic format to the same contact listed above.


Evaluation Criteria

The following elements will be the primary considerations in evaluating all proposals submitted in response to this RFP:

  • Completion of all required elements (proposal quality);

  • The extent to which the vendor’s proposal fulfills WRI Indonesia stated requirements as set out in the RFP and demonstrates an understanding of the issues at hand;

  • Experience with similar projects (project portfolio);

  • Sustainability – WRI Indonesia values sustainability and all other factors being equal, will favor a proposal to more sustainably perform the work.

  • Overall cost of the vendor’s proposal (value for money).

  • Budget competitiveness

The bidder offering the best overall value will be selected. For this procurement, price and non-price aspects are considered to be of approximately equal importance

Selection Process

No proposal development costs shall be charged to WRI and all expenses are to be borne by the bidders. WRI may award to the bidder offering best value without discussions. However, WRI reserves the right to seek bidder clarifications and to negotiate with those bidders deemed to be within a competitive range.

WRI may, at its discretion and without explanation to the prospective vendors etc., choose to discontinue this RFP without obligation to such prospective vendors.

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