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Forum Kajian Pembangunan: The Energy Sector in Southeast Asia

Supported by ANU Indonesia Project, Forum Kajian Pembangunan (FKP), established since 2010, is a platform for researchers to gather and discuss about various topics. Through this forum, WRI Indonesia's and non-WRI researchers will present their research findings to collect constructive input from participants.

1) Implications of East Asia energy integration on carbon emissions in the region

Professor Budy Resosudarmo (Indonesia Project, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University)

Abstract: It has been argued that East Asia’s electricity market would be integrated in the next few decades. Few studies, however, are available about its social, economic, and environmental implications for the region, particularly for ASEAN countries. Would the integration lower carbon emissions from the region? Would the poor benefit from the integration? This paper utilises an Inter-regional Social Accounting Matrix for East Asia in an attempt to analyse the implications of the East Asia's electricity market integration on the socio-economic and environmental performances of the region, particular for ASEAN countries.

2) What does it take to achieve Southeast Asia energy transition?

Almo Pradana (WRI Indonesia)

Southeast Asia (SEA) energy demand is projected to double by 2040, representing 12% rise in projected global energy use in 2040 (IEA, 2019). Policy makers across SEA countries have increased efforts in providing more sustainable and/or low carbon energy generation and facilities, especially in providing universal access to rural communities. The involvement of large-scale energy consumers, the private sector, plays a major role in accelerating energy transition and achieve countries’ climate targets. The presentation will discuss current state of the art role of private sector in addressing provision of low-carbon energy, including policy and business opportunities and challenges for the sector.


FKP is free and open to the public. No certificate is given for attendance.

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