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WEBINAR: Forum Kajian Pembangunan (Development Policy Forum)


The topics for this FKP session are:

  1. Prospects for Establishing an Asset Account for Non-Timber Forest Resources in Indonesia

    Speaker: Rida Nurafiati, WRI Indonesia

    This seminar will discuss the challenges and prospects for the application of SEEA (System of Environmental Economics Accounting) to account for non-timber forest resources in Indonesia with emphasis on the current state of the measurement scopes and physical valuations methodology applied by four government institutions (i.e., Statistics Indonesia, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade, and Perum Perhutani). The seminar will also discuss solutions to address various challenges including using a singular definition across institutions, implementing standardized conversion factors, and establishing a clear measurement scope for products (e.g., excluding derivative products).

  2. Application of SEEA in Marine Resources: A Case of Mangrove

    Speaker: Rizky Firmansyah, WRI Indonesia


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