The project aims to achieve Bali Net Zero Emission 2045 through a science-based and clear pathway, as well as a strategy rooted in local Balinese values, providing practical and technical guidelines for the key stakeholders. To complement the pathway, as a platform Bali Net Zero Emission Coalition focuses on developing and implementing local solutions on low-carbon technology as well as, promoting a fair transition and positioning Bali as a pilot model for net-zero emissions policies and actions at the sub-national level. 



Bali, Indonesia



Despite global progress towards decarbonization and net-zero emission target, Bali faces the challenge of balancing economic growth with sustainability, as rapid infrastructure expansion often clashes with environmental goals. The island's commitment to achieving Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2045 necessitates a holistic approach that aligns with its cultural and spiritual values, yet local leadership and community involvement in these initiatives have been limited.

The Bali Net Zero Emission 2045 initiative's to achieve ENB by 2045 is vital as it leverages local wisdom and cultural values to foster a sustainable lifestyle and addresses the need for inclusive leadership. By integrating key stakeholders, promoting low-carbon technologies and ensuring community engagement, the project aims to create a robust foundation for climate action that aligns with Bali's identity and supports national NZE goals.



We are developing a science-based and clear pathway while engaging with local key stakeholders to implement Bali's Net Zero Emissions initiative. Through targeted engagement activities, we aim to create tailored solutions that align with Bali's unique cultural values, promote low-carbon technologies, and advance sustainable energy solutions, ensuring robust community involvement and support. We view subnational leadership as a crucial model for national actors, with the potential to inspire global scale implementation and ultimately contibute to achieving global climate targets.



Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)

New Energy Nexus

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