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Crowdsourcing to Restore Forest and Land in East Kalimantan

On May 22-23, the Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations and Research Institutions incorporated in RESTORE + invited governments, businesses, communities, and young people in East Kalimantan to participate in the landscape restoration process by collecting data on landscapes through the crowdsourcing platform RESTORE +. Degradation of landscapes and forests has adverse impacts on various aspects of community life, such as the decline in agricultural production. Through a workshop titled 'Towards Sustainable Landscape Restoration in East Kalimantan', for two days the RESTORE+ coalition mobilized the aspirations of the people of East Kalimantan to build together platforms that can address the challenges of restoration in the province.



In the workshop, participants discussed useful data for planning, implementation and monitoring of restorations, such as vegetation density, biodiversity, and enabling socio-economic conditions. Satrio Adi Wicaksono, as WRI Indonesia's Forest Restoration and Land Management Manager, explained that "Restoration needs to be a movement in which a society can participate in the success of the restoration. Therefore an increased understanding of the benefits of landscaped restoration is critical. "More than 40 participants identified the landscape restoration data that could be collected onto the crowdsourcing platform. They are also deliberated to determine the priority of data required on the platform based on restoration needs and to discuss data collection methods. The data collected in this workshop will then be combined with data from other regions of Indonesia and will be used to develop the RESTORE + power platform. Communications and interaction will continue to be built with communities in South Sumatra to continue to increase their participation and understanding of landscaping restoration.

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