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About WRI

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WRI Indonesia is an independent research organization dedicated to contributing to the socioeconomic development of Indonesia in an inclusive and sustainable way. Our work is focused on six main areas: forests, climate, energy, cities and transportation, governance, as well as ocean. We turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being.

Established in January 2014 with its headquarter in Jakarta, WRI Indonesia is a non-profit research organization affiliated with the World Resources Institute, a global environmental think tank based in Washington D.C. WRI has a research network of over 1,700 experts and staff in more than 50 countries with offices in China, India, Indonesia, Europe and the United States. In Indonesia, we have run projects with partners for over 20 years, and WRI Indonesia was formally launched to build a robust in-country presence, to formalize existing partnerships, as well as strengthen our research on the ground.

Our Challenge

As Southeast Asia’s biggest economy and democracy, Indonesia offers much potential for growth opportunities. However, it is often achieved at the expense of environmental costs. While hosting world’s third-largest rainforest, Indonesia’s deforestation rate is also extremely high. A report (DNPI, 2010) suggests that 79% of the greenhouse gas emitted by Indonesia was coming from land-use change, deforestation, as well as peat degradation.

Particularly when it comes to commodity production, Indonesia has to greet another obstacle. As the biggest producer and consumer of oil palm, Indonesia’s oil palm industry is portrayed as one of the main drivers of deforestation in the region, not to mention the social and human rights problem surrounding the industry. Thus, the issue of commodity production in Indonesia will always be linked to the issue of forests conservation, biodiversity protection, and social protection in the region.

At the same time, with its ocean almost three times the size of its forests, it is alarming to discover that forest contributes 20 times more revenue to Indonesia’s net national income. Being the largest archipelagic country in the world with approximately 17,000 islands, Indonesia clearly has yet to fully utilize their biggest asset—let alone sustainably.

Achieving sustainability in line with its 26-41% emission reduction pledge by 2020 requires not only strong political leadership, but also expertise and technical supports from institutions such as WRI Indonesia.

Changing the way Indonesia (both the public and private sectors) conduct its businesses will have a profound impact on global level given Indonesia’s significant greenhouse gas footprint and its major contribution to the global commodity supply chain. Beyond that, supporting Indonesia to achieve its sustainable and equitable economic growth will also demonstrate a working model of a sustainable resources-based developing economy.

Our Vision

WRI Indonesia’s mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.

We believe in Indonesia’s potentials to be the international leader in efforts to achieve sustainability. Home to one of the greatest biodiversity spots on the planet, an enviable wealth of natural resources, as well as a diverse economy, Indonesia could turn these assets into betterment of its people’s well-being. At WRI Indonesia, aim to bring innovations in research and business approaches, in order to create the enabling conditions for Indonesia to achieve swift economic growth sustainably. We seek to contribute to the accomplishment of ambitious national goals, through working with leaders in public and private sectors, as well as civil society organizations, in turning big ideas into action.

Our Approach

We measure our success through real change on the ground. Our approach involves three essential steps: Count It, Change It, and Scale It.

Count It

We start with data. We conduct independent research and draw on the latest technology to develop new insights and recommendations. Our rigorous analysis identifies risks, unveils opportunities, and informs smart strategies. We focus our efforts on influential and emerging economies where the future of sustainability will be determined.

Change It

We use our research to influence government policies, business strategies, and civil society action. We test projects with communities, companies, and government agencies to build a strong evidence base. Then, we work with partners to deliver change on the ground that alleviates poverty and strengthens society. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure our outcomes will be bold and enduring.

Scale It

We don’t think small. Once tested, we work with partners to adopt and expand our efforts regionally and globally. We engage with decision-makers to carry out our ideas and elevate our impact. We measure success through government and business actions that improve people's lives and sustain a healthy environment.

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