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  • It is undeniable that the youth of today and the future are key actors in Indonesia’s economic development. However, if you look into the unemployment rate of youth in 2020, 43.05 percent are unemployed, or an increase of 1.29 percent from 2019. To make things worse, the recent COVID-19 crisis has accentuated uncertainty for these young people, not to mention underprivileged youth who lives in rural area. This is why the acknowledgement of youth’s agency, capacity to think and make decisions for themselves is important.

  • GDP is the total value of output produced by a country, and is commonly used to measure economic growth. However, GDP does not measure the level of social welfare, such as public health or education level. Considering the limitations of GDP in reflecting the relationship between economic activity and environmental conditions, the Natural Capital Accounting framework was developed to be able to measure assets, values, and changes in natural capital - including marine and coastal resources.

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