On July 21, 2017, representatives from eight districts of six provinces namely Musi Banyuasin, Rokan Hulu, Siak, Batanghari, Labuan Batu Utara, Sintang, Sanggau and Sigi worked together with the network of development partners and APKASI to declare together as a first step to the establishment of a partnership forum titled Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL). LTKL was initiated by these pioneering districts as an open partnership and collaborative network to achieve common goals or mutual assistance. The LTKL member districts have the vision to be able to balance the economic, social and environmental aspects, with a focus on land governance, both within and/or across districts, through innovative methods to conform to the Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs) and contribute to Indonesia’s emission reduction targets. In carrying out its vision, the LTKL District is committed to holding the principle of transparency, accountability, and public participation.

LTKL will annually hold the Festival of Lestari Festival as a communication forum among members and with other districts and development partners to collaborate in carrying out the sustainable vision of LTKL members. Through this series of events, LTKL District is expected to be able to expand the network to attract learning and exchange of information as well as open new partnership opportunities. In 2018, Musi Banyuasin Regency as the Chairman of LTKL period 2017-2020 will host the Festival of Lestari with the theme "Indonesia Innovate: Solusi Karya Anak Bangsa Untuk Kabupaten Lestari".