Young researchers of Wahana Riset Indonesia will present their research findings about the challenges and opportunities of natural resources management in Indonesia.

Presentation line-up:

  • Securing Water, Protecting Forest: Lessons Learned from the Management of a West Sumatran Village Forest

  • What Governance? Assessing Land Use Practice in Suligi Batu Gajah, Riau

  • Conflict between Human and Sumatran Elephant in Aceh Province, Indonesia

  • Peatland Restoration and Livelihood Improvement: Making the Case for Purun Weaving as a Sustainable Business Option

  • Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System: Current State and Opportunities for Further Improvement using Wood Identification Technologies

  • Looking Past The Horizon: Why Indonesia Needs A Long-Term Strategy For Climate Action

  • Climate Watch Indonesia: Bridging the Knowledge Gap through Climate Data Availability

  • Oil Palm Smallholder Intensification, where do we start?

  • Bandung Road Safety: an Evaluation of Road Redesign