S2Cities program aims to improve young people’s safety and well-being in urban environments. It targets youth between 15-24 years old to actively participate in planning and implementing urban place-making decisions to create a just, inclusive, and safe city.


Bandung, Indonesia; Envigado, Colombia; Baguio, Philippines; Cuenca, Ecuador.


By 2030, 60% of the urban population is projected to be under the age of 18. However, frequently urban space turns less safe and sound for youth. Therefore, significant roles should be given to youth to shape their experience and urban environment.

Youth have a unique and fresh perspective that is potential for better and more innovative urban development. Lack of role, chance, and qualified capacity to engage in urban planning becomes an issue for the youth generation. On the other hand, the city’s government also has an obstacle to engage youth in urban planning. For this reason, the S2Cities program seeks to encourage youth to create urban environments that are more meaningful not only for them but also for everyone.


S2Cities will collaborate with local government institutions, the private sector, community actors, and young people to create platforms for meaningful youth engagement in ideating and implementing solutions to safety and inclusivity challenges. The program is designated to be flexible and iterative and can be adapted to the local realities and needs of each program city.