Mari Elka Pangestu is an Indonesian economist, policymaker, and academic. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Australian National University and later obtained her Ph.D in the same field from University of California, Davis.

Throughout her career, Mari held several significant positions in both academia and government. Her expertise and dedication to driving economic development and international cooperation led her to serve as the Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships at the World Bank for three years until March 2023.    

She was also a prominent figure at the University of Indonesia, where she served as a professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business. Her research and contributions in international trade and development economics earned her recognition in the academic community.    

In the realm of public service, Mari served as Indonesia's Minister of Trade from 2004 to 2011, where she played a crucial role in advancing Indonesia's trade relations and economic growth. Later, from 2011 to 2014, she served as the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, focusing on promoting the creative industries and tourism sector in Indonesia.    

Her pragmatic approach to policymaking, combined with her deep understanding of economic dynamics, has earned her respect both domestically and internationally. Mari remains a prominent figure in shaping economic policies and advocating for sustainable development in Indonesia and the global stage.