Syafredo, often called as ‘Redo’, is the Senior Program Lead for WRI Indonesia office in Riau and West Sumatra region. Redo mainly works on issues around forest and land use governance, such as social forestry, indigenous rights recognition, sustainable livelihood, smallholders empowerment, and other projects arranged in the two regions. This includes arranging overall project implementation plan and conducting constant engagement with sub-national governments, local CSOs, indigenous people and local communities, and other stakeholders. Previously, Redo was assigned as Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Policy Specialist to build initiatives and collaborations with key stakeholders to help accelerating implementation under One Map Initiative project.

Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, Redo dedicated over 30-year of his career on conservation and community development in various provinces in Sumatra and Kalimantan, mainly on issues around protected area management, advocacy, campaign, forest-crime investigations, and law enforcement. He served as Provincial Liaision for Kelola-Sendang Landscape project in South Sumatra, Expert for Environmental Legal Aid Foundation, Project Manager for FZS and WWF’s Restoration Ecosystem Bukit Tigapuluh, Katingan Landscape Conservation Specialist at USAID-IFACS in Central Kalimantan, and Law Enforcement Specialist of USAID’s Orangutan Conservation Services Program (OCSP) in North Sumatra. He also serves as initiator and co-founder for plenty of local and regional movements, including Anti Illegal Logging Consortium (Konsorsium Anti Illegal Logging/KAIL), Sumatra Spatial Plan Forum (ForTRUST /Forum Tata Ruang Sumatra), Riau Tree Adoption Foundation (Yayasan Adopsi Pohon Riau), and other initiatives.

In his leisure time, Redo enjoys spending time with his family and exploring nature with his fellow community members.