To drive deployment of renewable energy for large consumers in key markets, especially commercial and industrial sector, by helping companies to meet their clean energy goals.




Large electricity buyers from commercial and industrial sector that has demand to meet their clean energy commitments and targets are facing the same difficulties to procure renewable electricity for their operations due to knowledge gap, regulatory barriers, technical and financial challenges.


CEIA Indonesia is a public-private partnership initiative that is co-led by Allotrope Partners, the World Resources Institute (WRI), and the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to provide assistance to companies with demand in procuring renewable electricity for their operations to meet their clean energy commitments and targets. The CEIA Indonesia has resources to convene the working group with participants from government and private sector, provide technical assistance, training and exchange best practices, build consensus on policy solutions, and facilitate engagement with government to implement these solutions. We will also demonstrate energy demand aggregation and financial models to grow the clean energy pipeline and unlock investment in Indonesia. Through CEIA Indonesia Working Group meeting, we are able to:

  • Map renewable energy (RE) targets and collective demand from member companies
  • Identify and prioritize common issues faced by companies in implementing renewable energy
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences among participating companies on implementing RE application in their facilities
  • Explore renewable energy purchasing options and business models for companies operating in Indonesia and the barriers to scaling up RE deployment, including financing limitations
  • Identify and gather inputs to policies that impedes the implementation of RE related to financing, tariff, investment and what can be improved from them.


Allotrope Partners , NREL