Julia Kalmirah is a Papua Regional Senior Manager of WRI Indonesia. Julia is also currently responsible for the Tenure Facility program, mainly in Papua. After she graduated from the Faculty of Law, Parahyangan University Bandung, Julia joined WALHI as an environmental lawyer who actively advocates environmental issues through litigation and non-litigation. Julia has also joined Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI) to develop Advokasi Kebijakan Publik program.

She learned about humanitarian and disaster management issues when she worked for Oxfam Hong Kong and Oxfam Australia. She was deployed to Timor Leste to handle the Climate Change Adaptation program. Since focusing on environmental issues, she has been involved with multiple organizations such as HuMA, INSPIRIT, Sawit Watch, Epistema, Pokja Reforma Agraria dan Perhutanan Sosial, Ecosister, LBH APIK, etc. Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, she worked for a multi-stakeholder collaboration forestry program (MFP Phase 3) between the government of Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

She holds a Dr and MSi degree from the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in organisational sociology, particularly related to the environmental movement and civil society organisations.

During her free time, she spends her time traveling or having a cup of coffee.