Bandung City Government, in partnership with WRI Indonesia and Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety Program, conducted a training for city and provincial officials on enhancing safer mobility through improvements of public transport. The two-day training was attended by more than 50 government officials, including NGOs, academia, and consultants on road safety issue. WRI Indonesia with government officials delivered materials on improving traffic safety for bus priority systems, road design, bus service planning, and branding strategies to increase the public buy-in for the buses. On top of that, the experts also shared about the lessons learned from the visit to Mexico City and from India's bus rapid transit development. Meanwhile, two officials from transport department in Solo and Semarang shared case studies in developing public buses in their respective cities. Eventually, the Head of Transportation Agency of Bandung, Didi Ruswandi reminded all the audience that we built the cities for human mobility, not cars. Therefore, the road design and public transport must be human-centered.