To help Bandung save lives from traffic fatalities




Bandung is Indonesia’s second most populous city after the metropolitan Jakarta, and yet traffic problems hindering the city to achieve its optimum growth potential. The problem resulted in economic loss of USD 311 million per year and increasing accident by 22.37% per year, mostly pedestrians. Without action, road traffic crashes will become the world’s seventh leading cause of death by 2030.


Through our existing cooperation with Bloomberg’s Global Road Safety initiative, WRI Indonesia provides technical assistance to Bandung city government on pedestrian-friendly city planning and intersections redesign. Specifically, we helped Bandung transform a major 4-arm intersection of Ahmad Yani, Veteran and Naripan roads, which is located in an important commercial area in Bandung and is a critical node in the city’s road network.

Results so far

The newly designed intersection now can facilitate the smoother channelization of traffic at slower speeds and to simultaneously provide safer pedestrian infrastructure.


Bloomberg’s Global Road Safety, Bandung city government