To attract more investment and political will in the renewable energy development




Every citizen of Indonesia deserves to get equal access to affordable and healthy sources of electricity. With its overall potential to generate 788,000 MW through new and renewable energy, the investors and policymakers still lack the accessible knowledge on the renewable energy potentials that is essential for their investment decision making process.


WRI Indonesia is developing a Sustainable Energy One Map, a geospatial-based platform that would allow access to various data and analysis relevant to renewable energy planning, the foundational work that could enable more rigorous investment and political will in the sector. As an independent and open-access tool, the platform will enable public to access and contribute data and analysis that put more context and granularity into the planning. The platform is envisioned to provide preliminary information on area where investments or grants are best targeted and ensure long-term impact of renewable energy projects that benefits surrounding communities.


Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources