As the Sustainable Business and Corporate Engagement Manager, Nanda is the go-to person at WRI Indonesia for facilitating large and small-medium enterprises in strategizing and implementing science-based net zero emissions targets to limit 1.5C global temperature rise by 2050. This includes value chain abatement through improving products and processes in addition to beyond value chain mitigation through carbon removal and neutralization. On top of engaging companies, he is responsible for aligning private sector's climate agenda with governments, communities and individuals. Lastly, Nanda also co-leads WRI Indonesia's new business model initiatives at the intersection of climate, energy, cities and ocean portfolios.

Prior to working on this, his work was focused on improving data infrastructure within One Map Policy and sequestration of measured lifestyle emissions (food, clothing, electricity, waste and transport) through nature-based solutions. Before joining WRI, Nanda worked on sustainability consulting projects pertaining to material-intensive operations in Papua, social enterprise modeling and public procurement. During his time at the United Nations, Nanda assisted ecosystem service valuation studies in Jambi and UN’s effort on aligning 2030 SDGs with Indonesian government’s National Medium-Term Development Plan. Also, as former Curator of Global Shapers Community Bandung Hub – a young leader initiative of the World Economic Forum –, Nanda chaired a regional sustainable cities conference and represented Indonesia for paper presentations.

He earned B.Sc. Management from SBM at Bandung Institute of Technology – Indonesia, followed by M.Sc. Environmental Management & Policy from IIIEE at Lund University – Sweden, with thesis on governing Indonesia’s REDD+ implementation and climate-smart agriculture. He is an accredited Sustainability Management Certified Professional, and has helped publish a nature-based entrepreneurship idea book.

Nanda’s interests are reading non-fictions, watching true story movies and learning new languages. His hobbies include listening to classical music, playing tennis, and beach and forest trekking.